The Myths of Reality by Simon Danser

This fascinating book and I met each other in a pokey little book shop in Glastonbury town one rainy June day. Certain books find you, and this is one of those.

For a book which deals with heavy topics such as mythic fragments, the nature of commerce and the definition of a hegemony, it’s a surprisingly easy read, and although at times the parallels Danser draws between his posits and the movie The Matrix can border on over-geek, on reading his essay I did feel the scales fall from my eyes and the true nature of reality and perception appeared to be revealed to me for the first time.

In his tome, The Myths of Reality, Danser explains about conditioning – not just by parents, but by the myths perpetuated exponentially through songs, narrative, sayings and stories. These seemingly innocuous frivolities actually shape our societies – from whole continents right down to individual families. He talks about how cultures are created and maintained. About how heroes are born and subsequently, how whole races can be demonised.

Challenging our perception on just about everything from the validity and absolute blind faith we hold for science to the illusion of society, this book deconstructs the intricacies of reality in a succinct, and frankly very enjoyable fashion. In fact, I just may read it again.

To find out more about the author, click here.


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