Cameron responds to floods crisis. By holding a meeting. Named after a snake.

I sure hope they had enough biscuits.

Pride's Purge

(Satire? I don’t know any more)

There was relief in severely flood-hit parts of Britain after the Prime Minister David Cameron announced he was taking charge of the crisis by having a meeting.

Mr Cameron led a meeting today of the national emergency committee known as COBRA  – after criticism that the official meetings in response to the floods have not been sounding dramatic enough.

After the emergency meeting, the prime minister said he would do “everything that can be done” to have another get-to-together some time in the near future with an even more dramatic-sounding name.

The army has been drafted in and stands ready to provide help with ideas for other eye-catching titles for further committee meetings – options are said to include ‘Anaconda’ , ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Black Mamba’

Mr Cameron also pledged he would take personal control of emergency efforts to help households stricken by the floods by…

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