How to Guide to Festival Fashion

Festi Look

Festival season is now upon us, so it’s all about planning our hot festival looks. Do you know who is performing at your festival? Do you even care? Of course you don’t! It’s all about wearing the right outfit and, of course, taking lots of selfies to share with your friends.

With constant media coverage of our favourite celebrities swanning around fashion-forward festivals such as Coachella, it’s never been more exciting to plan what you’ll be wearing this summer.

Here is my handy guide to getting that authentic festival chick look spot-on.

1. Hair

Getting that perfectly tousled festival hippie-meets-rock chick-meets-heroin addict look is quite tricky, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be ready to stand in the VIP area all night long!

First, start with ordinary, just-washed hair. You’ll want to get some texture in there, so go find yourself a drunk boy who’s dressed like Duran Duran and do it with him against a tree. This should give you a nice matted effect at the back to really give your hair some body. If you have especially fine hair, a little bit of sick worked into the ends gives great texture. I’ve tried it, and trust me – it works! Don’t forget your flower garland from Claire’s Accessories to finish the look!

2. Beauty

You can’t go wrong with a deep, dark, rich tan. I recommend starting your tanning regime about ten days in advance. That way, you can get in a sun bed in the morning and a spray tan at night, every day for ten days. The look you are going for is a warm mahogany.

Naturally, you’ll be wearing denim shorts so tight you’ll be hanging out – front and back, so don’t forget to tan your lady parts!

As far as make-up goes, I recommend a strong eye, coupled with a strong eyebrow, strong blush and a strong lip. Don’t be afraid of the make-up, girls! All the boys will be really drunk, so you want to make sure they can make out your features from at least twenty feet.

You will also want to have your face painted as soon as you arrive, so you blend in with everybody else.

3. Fashion

This is the really fun part! There’s lots of cool apparel in the shops aimed at fashion conscious festival goers. The best shops are River Island, Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. Buy at least twenty items in each shop. Don’t plan any outfits, just buy lots of random shit. You’ll put it all together later.

Essential items include: denim shorts (at least three sizes too small); flower garlands or feather headdresses; and tour tee shirts. It doesn’t matter what group is on your tee shirt – some I’ve seen in Primark include some old has-been’s called Bob Marley, Run DMC and The Rolling Stones. I don’t know who they are either, but I bet they aren’t as good as Example. Don’t forget your Hunter wellies! I like the pink ones.

Now, to achieve the perfect look takes some preparation. When you arrive, tip all of your clothes into a big pile. Then do between fifteen and twenty tequila shots and a couple of balloons. Throw yourself onto the pile of clothes, grabbing an item with each hand and each foot. That’s your outfit! I don’t know how it works, but this method gets that boho look I love bang on. Every time.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my festival fashion special. See you at V!!!



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