Bitter side of Sweet

Proof if any were needed that there’s always someone out there who can summarise my thoughts better than me.

Zika's Musings

diabetes 3

“Malady of the rich” you once were called

Our ignorance, perhaps, but just the same

For yes with the “haves” you pitched your tent

With “have nots” too but in Oblivion

Unbeknownst to us, a lifestyle thing

Of pies and fries, of bakes and cakes

High salt, high sugar, extremes, I’d say

Of sit and stare, no efforts, no sweat

Sometimes they say, I’m predisposed

My genes, my race, my gender and age

All strange English, I must admit

Can I have my life back please!

You’re huge, an institution, an industry I think

There’s special doctors too for you

Endocrinologists they’re called

Bagging honors over some sorry state

Of amputations, and stroke and heart disease

Of eye trouble, a veritable gateway you are

I hear you have a fresh new name

“The bitter side of sweet,” it’s called.

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