Are You Suffering from PFFT?

I’ve not been writing lately (sorry about that). But, I have a genuine reason.

I’m suffering from a new disorder I’ve invented called PFFT (pronounced pfft – like the little puff of air that you push through your lips when you’ve ceased to give a shit).

Let me explain. Last weekend, my husband and I watched all three Zeitgeist documentaries back to back, followed by ‘GMO OMG (worst titled documentary ever, by the way, but worth a watch), followed by ‘We’re Not Broke‘. All in one sitting.

If you aren’t familiar with these titles, they are all political heavy-hitters, guaranteed to spark both internal and external debates of ferocious opinion.

The point is this: although that night, hubby and I had one of the best conversations of our entire eleven year relationship, the next day I was completely spent. And no, conversation is not being used as a euphemism.

I just ran out of political steam. I felt like the lead character in ‘Nymphomaniac’ when she discovered she’d broken her clitoris. Political impotence is not good for writing. Especially when you most love to write about political issues.

And so, I’ve invented a new syndrome: PFFT. PFFT stands for Politically Fatigued and Fucking Tired.

The problem with PFFT is that it’s very difficult to take a break from. Watching trash TV is no longer an option.

Watching orange celebrities competitively ballroom dancing, or silver spoon fed toffs from Chelsea as they stare into the middle distance while trying to enunciate consonants around their massive horse teeth simply emphasizes the futility of what we’re all doing here on planet Earth.

You may be suffering from PFFT too.

If you follow The Anti Media or Collective Evolution on Facebook, or if you subscribe to Russell Brand on YouTube, if you’re an avid reader of the liberal press, chances are you’re suffering from as yet us diagnosed PFFT.

You’ll know when it strikes because you just won’t give a toss. You’ll be consumed with a sensation of tiredness, the great fight will seem futile, and you’ll utter things like “it doesn’t matter, this really only applies to America”. Unless you’re American, of course.

Another dead give away will be if you start losing friends on Facebook, if people stop reading your blogs, and if people generally avoid bringing up any topic of consequence whilst in your company.

That’s because in the early dormant stages of PFFT, you’ll most probably have been oversharing. PFFT is extremely contagious, and when you add your two penneth worth to the political puttanesca on our screens, you create PFFT symptoms in other folks.

So what’s to be done if you have PFFT?

Firstly, take a break. People have been trying to save the world since the dawn of civilization in one way or another. They can do without you for a week or two. Indulge in external, physical hobbies. Listen to music. Turn off the TV, turn off Facebook, turn off YouTube. Don’t read the papers, and don’t listen to the radio.

After your brain has had a rest and you’re ready to come out fighting again, pick your battle. I know just choosing one cause is hard. Existence is holistic, and politics is no exception.

Unless you’re omnipotent (in which case, why are you reading this instead of fixing the mess we’re in), it’s virtually impossible to fully understand climate change and globalization and the fate of the bees and international banking policies and homelessness and war and world health and GMOs…etc.

Knowing not very much about everything and shouting that small bit of knowledge ever so loudly is guaranteed to kill your credibility.

Not to mention that trying to have an opinion and get involved in every single political issue facing 21st century humanity is absolutely exhausting, and eventually leads to more PFFT.

So, pick your battle wisely. Get involved, but enjoy life too. If you’re politically active, it’s because you’re all too aware of how precious a gift life is. Don’t forget – that goes for your life too.



6 thoughts on “Are You Suffering from PFFT?

  1. I think we are way PAST PFFT. I’m not sure what the final stage would be titled, but I think we are there. We watched “The Candidate” – Robert Redford, 1972 and were depressed to realize it was as “right on” as it had been when it was made. We have slithered past PFFT into …. what? Need a new acronym.


    1. I had a similar experience the other day when I watched The Network for the first time. I was only a few months old when that film was released, yet the themes resonate as much today. Thanks for your comment.


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