What is it About Kim?

Image courtesy of E!

Kim Kardashian (West) is featured on 80% of women’s magazine covers again this month. Every month is the same.

I can absolutely understand her appeal to heterosexual males – she’s the epitome of womanly. There’s not a single angle on that woman, except for those cheekbones. Everything about her is ROUND.

But why is the world obsessed with her in general? What is she for?

You could argue that I appear to be obsessed with her myself, since this will be the third blog I’ve published that mentions her. And I am obsessed. Not with her, but with the idea of her.

It puzzles and intrigues me, this concept of a beautiful person with no discernible use, and the subsequent interest, wealth and attention that goes with it.

I have watched her in interviews as well as on her family’s reality show. Unless she suffers from massive stage fright (which I’d say is highly unlikely), then I feel fairly certain that she doesn’t have much in the way of thought or opinion to contribute to the world.

The woman never speaks, however being married to one of the most verbose men to have ever existed, I’d imagine this trait has it’s place.

So what is her use? What is her function?

We all like looking at her, that much is obvious. But sexual attraction aside, why do straight women or gay men adore looking at her?

Is it that we want to be her, or are we searching for flaws?

I find her fascinating from a scientific perspective – how she remains upright with so much unevenly distributed weight on the horizontal, for example. I also wonder what she does all day, and whether her thoughts sound like static. But that’s because I’m a bitch.

She is a beautiful thing. A frivolous, sparkly trinket to be admired. In this way, if Kim were an inanimate object, she’d be a Fabergé egg. You can’t hate a Fabergé egg. It didn’t choose to exist, and having no mind or consciousness, hating it is pointless.

You can however feel distain towards those who covet useless beautiful things and throw their money at them, when there are a trillion other things far more useful to mankind than a golden gem encrusted egg.

I hope that one day 80% of women’s magazine covers are graced by women who intrigue and fascinate us – not because of what they look like – but because of their achievements, their contributions to the world, and their thoughts.

Beautiful things will always have their place, and the world would be dull without them, but we also need to understand that our gift of conscious thought and creativity is the most beautiful thing of all.


7 thoughts on “What is it About Kim?

  1. I totally understand what you mean. She’s so useless, so why does she make so much money?! Why did the whole world go viral over the magazine cover from last week! But one thing, don’t get me wrong, she IS beautiful. BUT. She wouldn’t be that beautiful without all of her money. She is definitely fake. And that butt! Come on!!!!!


    1. She is a symptom of the values of our current society, and whilst I don’t hate her (I don’t hate anyone), it does worry me that people (not just women now either) are repetitively shown the message that the only trait of any value is beauty. The media should have a responsibility to give people more to aspire to than the superficial. Thank you for your comment.


  2. It is amazing how one can be famous for being famous and not much else. I do feel sorry for her at times because of I am sure she gets a lot of hate mail as well as fan mail. She is the butt of many jokes in media (scuse the pun). I am sure no matter how thick her skin is, some of that must get to her. But, she doesn’t exactly help the situation with her public stunts. One have to say that she did after all made her choices, so she will just have to out up with consequences. It’s just sad that the some of the younger generation think this is normal behavior and appearance.

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