Death of the page 3 girl


So this week rumours have been swirling around, hinting at the end of that bawdiest of British institutions: The Page 3 Stunner.

Getting their ‘puppies’ out for the lads since 1970, page 3 girls are as iconic to working class Britain as Carry On films, Brighton Rock, Bingo and Beach Huts. And just like these other iconic things, they added a bit of gaudy glamour to an otherwise grey day.

Page 3 has come under fire from feminists for years, who say the images degrade and objectify women as sex objects.

So far, there’s been no official statement from The Sun as to where the naked boobs have gone, however there have been rumours that the tabloid will be taking the bold decision to feature boobs with small triangles of fabric over them instead.

It would appear that Rupert Murdoch has spectacularly missed the point. Which is weird. After all, you’d think that a sensationalist tabloid such as The Sun would understand the concept of tit-illation.


Usually getting angry about this sort of thing would be right up my street, however I’m finding the whole story so ludicrous it’s actually quite funny.

The most ironic thing about all of this is that women are sex objects. So are men. People look at other people they would like to have sex with and imagine having sex with them. That’s what people do. Even you – don’t try and deny it.

And no one objectifies women more than other women. All you need to do is look within the pages of any fashion magazine and you’ll see plenty of T&A (tits and ass). And it’s not just women’s bodies either.

There’s plenty of naked male flesh to be seen between the pages of Cosmo or Marie Claire. But no one minds about that, because it’s aimed at women, and we don’t indulge in titillation, do we?


Nope, I think the most sexist fact that this argument has dredged up is that men aren’t up in arms over Cosmo’s ‘Abs of the Week’ or ‘Frenulum of the Day’ or whatever the hell it is this year.

When we finally get thousands of men, marching with placards telling us that they are more than just pretty sex machines to be admired, burning their tighty-whities, and refusing to trim their chest hair…

…THAT will be the day we have equality of the sexes.

Until then, ladies, just accept that all of us (male, female, somewhere in between) are dirty perverts who love staring at the naked flesh of attractive people. And, until we stop objectifying ourselves, we aren’t in the best place to judge others, now are we?


4 thoughts on “Death of the page 3 girl

  1. a newspaper is supposed to tell us news though, as you said it was iconic – so it was very well known and publicised. In a way yes everyone is viewed as a sex object but not all the time and not only known as this. In the middle of a so called family newspaper surrounded by news and men in suits – do you really think it is acceptable in this day and age?


    1. Hey there. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.

      It’s funny, I don’t really understand why The Sun is known as a ‘family newspaper’. I don’t think any more children would peruse The Sun than would read any other newspaper. Therefore, is it because there’s some celebrity bits and some horoscopes in the middle ‘for the little lady’?

      I agree that these sorts of images are aimed at a certain type of audience. That audience is 18-40 year old, working class men. E.g. their demographic.

      Perhaps it would offend me more if there were topless depictions of women in every news title in the country, however the fact that it only features in publications that in my opinion don’t have much credibility any way sort of diffuses any energy I might have to give a shit.

      I get far more offended by the way newspapers like The Sun use sensationalist headlines to rabble rouse and witch hunt individuals or minorities than I do about their love of knockers. That to me is far more irresponsible and damaging to society.

      You’re probably a bit too young to remember the front page they ran once with Jade Goody’s crying face, and a single word headline: “PIG” underneath it. That to me is a far more offensive, bullying and frankly upsetting use of a woman’s image, whatever my personal opinion of her May have been.

      Anyway, I digress. I do understand your opinion, and thank you for it. I just happen to think its a bit of a storm in a teacup. The tabloid press are guilty of far worse crimes than running photos of willing glamour models, and feminism has far more important business to attend to than page 3.


  2. Even if they don’t have any credibility [I agree with that, I don’t think the sun particularly has] I don’t think it is acceptable to present women as sex objects. feminism is about equality though, why should this blatant sexualisation happen anywhere – even a lowly tabloid. There are worse crimes and more important issues yes but it still is an issue which has faced much scrutiny, all in all it is the change in attitude that needs to alter (this isn’t going to happen by demolition of Pg3) towards women being portrayed as sexual objects and nothing else.

    However it is a step in right direction, it is a change in routine which has demanded much public attention which must mean some praise for feminism.


  3. OK, so shoot me, but isn’t it time we got over ourselves? As you so rightly say, men and women have been eyeing each other off since the beginning of time, and a few fig leaves aren’t going to change innate instinct. And while I’ve never been vaguely interested in flaunting it, I’ll defend any woman’s right to flaunt as much as she likes in an age where former taboos mean damn-all. I’ll also defend her right to wear a burqa, if that’s her preference. Women are obsessed with image, and who really gives a hoot about image except other women – including feminists, whose obsession takes the form of dictating what that image should be.
    In the general scheme of things, this whole business of ‘sex objects’ is so trivial it’s laughable – or it would be, if it didn’t deflect so much time and energy from issues that really matter

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