image courtesy of the BBC


Tonight, BBC Radio One loses it’s only redeeming feature, Zane Lowe.

After 12 years at the beeb, Mr Loud is parting ways and heading off to pastures which I imagine are considerably greener at Apple. It’s a sad day indeed for Radio One listeners.

In a world that is becoming increasingly commercial, Zane Lowe’s nightly show was a lifeboat of pure class in a sea of pure tack. Listening to Zane’s show was a lot like sitting with an especially enthusiastic friend who wanted to play you his record collection. You could just imagine him all animated passion: listen to this, listen to this!

I fricking love people like that.

I wasn’t a regular listener as I only listen to the radio in my car, but every single time I did tune in, it was a mad dash to try and locate some sort of writing utensil so I could make a note of all the incredible sounds I’d heard. His enthusiasm was catching; I’d run into the kitchen, flipping on Spotify as I went, shouting to my other half: listen to this, listen to this!

And so cool too. Zane can play some garage punk straight out of Brooklyn one minute, then flip to an ethereal stream of consciousness electric folk, before switching to some raw as fuck UK rap, and it’s all good. Every one a classic. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play a song I didn’t like.

I know BBC R1 have a replacement for him in the form of Annie Mac, but it just won’t be the same.

So what’s next for Zane Lowe?

No one seems exactly sure what he’ll be doing, but I for one bet my under crackers it will be epic. One thing’s for sure – I will be keeping every limb and digit crossed that Apple have chosen Zane Lowe for a global music project. After all, who could be a better choice than Zane to educate the entire world on the beauty and majesty of real music.

If Simon Cowell is music’s disease, then Zane Lowe is the vaccine, and he’s shipping out. Hopefully to cure the world of it’s chronically bad taste in music once and for all.





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